Brains vs brawn – being safe while living alone!

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Brains v/s brawn – being safe while living alone

Living alone in an apartment is challenging in a lot of ways, and hence people often tend to focus more on how to get by the day, and not their own safety. A simple lock on the front door won’t keep you safe from robbers. But home security appliances are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford them. However, with the smart selection of products, anyone can beef up their home security.

The first thing robbers generally do is breaking through the door. So, using a door alarm is always recommended. Not only does it let you know that the door has been opened, it also throws the robbers off their game, and they start to panic. Check out the door alarms from top brands at Personal Safety Kits!

However, if the robbers do not flee on hearing the alarm, you have to protect yourself. Personal safety kits often come with a pepper spray. But it is always recommended to keep a baton or a heavy hitting bat along with the pepper spray. The first thing to remember is that the assailant does not know the layout of the apartment, so use that to your advantage. The pepper spray has more range than the other items, so it should be used first while maintaining optimum distance from the assailants. The pepper spray can easily subdue the attacker, giving you the chance to go at him with the baton or the bat. The assailant will not be able to counter as he would still be feeling the effects of the pepper spray. Now all that is left to do is intimidate him into leaving the apartment.

Check out the different types of batons and bats you can use in case a robbery!

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