Burglar Protection Tips

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What does a BURGLAR like?
Most thieves prefer two conditions:
An invitation, and a fast, easy, undetected entry and exit

Invites you might recognize include:

  • Non-maintained yard.
  • Keys left in your vehicle while you run into the store.
  • Dark or concealed hiding areas.
  • Windows left open when you are away.
  • Notes left on exterior doors explaining where you have gone.
  • The spare house key on top of the door jam.
  • Messages on answering machines stating you are away.
  • An open garage door.
  • Sliding glass door, without auxiliary locks.
  • A house unlit night after night.
  • Privacy fence.
  • Flimsy door latches and locks.
  • Basement windows.

A burglar will choose the path of least resistance, which affords him the best chance of getting away without being caught. For this reason, most burglars work the night shift hiding under the cover of darkness. This is an opportunity afforded by nature; other access and escape opportunities, which we provide include:

  • A large shrub in front of a window
  • A dark alley behind the residence
  • A privacy fence around the yard
  • An unlocked door or window
  • A sliding glass door
  • An exterior door without a deadbolt lock
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