Car Jump Starter and Emergency Power Supply

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Car Jump Starter and Emergency Power Supply

Most women dread having car problems, especially the kind where your car won’t start and you most likely be late for work! 

You get all dirty and don’t know where to attache the huge long cords. Needless to say, you will eventually get your clothes dirty and be late to your job! Plus, worse case scenario, a huge man offers to help, yikes!

Don't worry, we have you covered with the Car Jump Starter and Emergency Power Supply. It's compact, you don't need to carry heavy cords and you won't get dirty! This unit even has a built-in circuit protection that guards you from over-current, over voltage, overcharging and short circuits. It also includes an ultra-bright LED flashlight that includes 4 different categories, plus more!

• Jump Starter: can jump a car 10 times
• LED Light: flashlight, strobe and SOS signal flash
• Battery Pack: charges phone or electronic device 3 times
• Rechargeable: easily charges in car or home, w/ included SUB cable
• Compatible w/ iPhone, Android, iPad, Samsung, Cell Phones, Cameras, more

Women never fear, if you have to jump your car again or if you need to charge your cell phone or other gadgets. The Car Jump Starter and Emergency Power Supply, has you covered, it even has an SOS signal flash!

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