Dangerous Times Require Planning & Self Defense Knowledge

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Dangerous times are constant companions for all of us. Please carry either less-lethal self-defense products or lethal weapons. Remember that your first line of defense is your brain. Be aware of everyone around you. There is nothing wrong with you being observant of others actions and behaviors. Others wrong actions can set off an alarm, which you need to exit the scene.

During this Christmas Season as we try to spend time with family and we may be humming the lyrics about woolen mittens and these are a few of my favorite things we must remember something crucial. Not everyone is humming that song along with us.

As a woman I find myself wondering the streets in search of a gift while at the same time glancing wearily around the dark streets. It's wonderful to think that everyone around us is thinking of the same joy and cheer that Christmas brings but that isn't true.

Not everyone has the purest of motives these days.

Just today I read about a 35 yr old woman whose life was threatened by an ex-boyfriend and was forced into his car and kidnapped. The terror only stopped when the car went into a ditch.

During that time the victim was assaulted, and her car was stolen. Police are still looking for the man. That happened in my little town in Oregon.

When I read about things like that, I wonder how I could have protected myself in a situation like that? What do you do when someone barges in your door and threatens your life?

The past few months have peaked my interest in learning more about self-defense. It's hard not to think about when seeing the news and reading about crimes every day.

I don't think I'll become the next Karate Kid or be able to learn the moves of a former Navy Seal but I've learned there are other options. That's the use of non-lethal self-defense products.

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