Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray, Catches Attacker Unexpectedly!

Posted by Mandy Travis on

Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray, Catches Attacker Unexpectedly!

If you are a woman and looking for a self defense item, here are disguised lipsticks that surprise an attacker, because he will think that you are simply freshening up for him!

They look like regular lipstick but are really disguised pepper spray containers that you can shoot toward an attacker's eyes and blind him temporarily... All us ladies have to do, is take the cap off and spray into the attackers eyes and face.

The Disguised Lipstick Pepper Spray will go into his eyes and he will inhale some of it, as well! It will literally make him cough and cry like a baby. He will not be able to see you, because his eyes will most likely be shut from all the pain! All you have to do is leave the the scene immediately and not look back!

These units contain 5 one second bursts and can reach 6 feet away. They also have an invisible UV Dye that if police capture the individual and place him under a UV Lamp, they will know that they caught the right individual!

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