Don’t panic, make them panic

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Don’t panic, make them panic

You can encounter a dangerous situation anytime, and it is in your best interest to let other people near you know that you are in a fix. Letting people know acts as a moral support. This also ensures that the attacker can no longer take advantage of. Panic alarms are the best devices to let people know if you are in trouble.

There are various types of Panic alarms available nowadays. One of the popular ones is the streetwise panic alarm, which is a personal panic alarm. If you feel that you are being followed, or that somebody may harm you, you can activate the alarm by pressing the sides of the alarm. The alarm is loud enough for anyone close enough to hear, and this will make your assailants think twice before approaching you. These alarms come with a key chain which makes them quite portable.

Door alarms are another type of Panic alarms that are quite popular. There are two variants of the door alarms. One is for car doors, and the other is for doors of houses. Both these door alarms differ hugely in their construction. The door alarm for apartment doors has a steel ring attached to the top, by virtue of which it is hung from the door knob. When someone tries to enter the room by turning the door knob, it sounds an alarm. The card door alarm is simple, and flat in construction. Although the principle is quite similar. It will let you know the minute someone tries to enter your car. These door alarms are quite helpful when you go for a road trip.

Another type of Panic alarms that are on the top of everybody’s list is the Streetwise nap zapper. This panic alarm lets the driver know when he dozes off while driving a vehicle. The nap zapper is similar to a microphone with an earpiece. If the driver of the vehicle starts to doze, the motion detectors in the nap zapper go off, and it lets you know. This panic alarm is a guaranteed life saver.

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