Dummies-Sometimes They Are The Best Option-Diversion Cameras

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Dummies-Sometimes They Are The Best Option-Diversion Cameras

Anyone who owns a business has thought how to beef up the security of the place. But security appliances are expensive, and not all can afford that. But what if you could make everyone think that your store is well protected and is under 24-hour surveillance. People would not know if a camera is real or fake, just by looking at the camera. This is where the Streetwise’s selection of dummy cameras come into play.


If you look at them from any angle, they look like the real deal. But they come at a fraction of the price. dummy cameras  are inexpensive, and easy to setup, because it has no wires, that needs connection. These cameras have a red LED indicator, that makes these cameras even more realistic. When someone looks at them they would never guess that the cameras are fake. The LED also ensures that thieves notice the camera in the dark, which will make them think twice about their plans.

Fixing these cameras are quite hassle free as they only need to be tightened with screws. Then a pair of batteries need to put in, and the camera is ready to start fooling people. There are different models that are available such as the dome shaped model, and the regular CCTV model. Bother these cameras come in either black or silver, which makes them quite noticeable.

Some of the dummy cameras  come with adjustable mounting brackets. These help in readjusting the camera once set. This feature helps to point the camera at different angles, without taking down the camera and fixing it elsewhere.

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