Easy to follow running safety tips!!!

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Easy to follow running safety tips

In a fast paced world, you have limited time to think about your fitness, and running seems to be the most time friendly way to stay fit. But what most people do not think about is that they might be attacked while running. But if you were to follow certain running safety tips, you can severely reduce your chances of being attacked.

According to a recent study, one in five American women get attacked while running. So try not go running alone. If possible, try to get a partner with whom you can go running. Attackers always target women who run alone, as they are easier to handle than two women. Even if you are attacked while running with your partner, one of you can shout for help, while the attacker would be too confused as to whom he should deal with first.

Try to carry self-defense devices like pepper sprays, and panic alarms. Both of these devices are very portable. You can carry them in your pockets, and your attackers would not even know. While pepper sprays can be used to immobilize your attackers, the panic alarms can be used to let other people know that you are being attacked.

Other than this, try to change your route every couple of days, so that you can avoid stalkers. If you keep using the same route every day, you are making things easier for stalkers.

Always try to go running at mornings, and try to avoid running at dusk, or at night. Also try to run on the opposite side of traffic so that no one can abduct you.

While running, do not use earphones. If you are using earphones, you are not that alert to your surroundings, which makes you an easy target.

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