Ever Notice Motorcycle Riders Carrying Batons On Their Keychains?

Posted by Mandy Travis on

There's a reason they do. Batons are non lethal weapons that can stop an attacker, and can be used over and over again by men or women!

You've probably seen these nifty self defense batons and perhaps wondered what they are used for… Well, for one thing, they are excellent for jabbing, hitting pressure points on an attacker's body and can be used for key flailing, too! We have these in our store, but our's have an extra punch! 

Next time you need to give a man or a woman, a gift… try out key chain baton

Follow this link for all of our batons and stun batons!

We have 12", 16", 26" and more available at www.personalsafetykits.com!

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