Get A Self Defense Kit Before You Need It-Plan Ahead!

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Get the best kit for self defense

In today’s world you should always carry a self-defense kit that will help you to tackle any emergencies related to your personal safety. Even if you think that you are safe, you should not take that for granted.

Pepper spray is one of the most common yet reliable self-defense device that you can use. It is very portable, and quite easy to use as well. Most of the pepper sprays available in the market today have a range of 6 to 12 feet. This will give you the advantage to immobilize your attacker without going too close. If you own a pepper spray, you can subdue multiple attackers as well.

The baton is also a good alternative, but it is mostly chosen by people who know martial arts. But that does not mean that people with no self-defense training cannot use the baton. Owning the baton with a pepper spray will increases your chances of getting out of trouble remarkably. While the pepper spray can be used to stop your attackers from a distance, the baton can then be used to deliver quick blows which will not only give you enough time to get to safety, but will also give you the psychological advantage. The duo of pepper sprays and batons are also quite handy while intimidating a group of attackers.

Panic alarms should also be included in your self-defense kit. Personal safety can be breached in public as well, with people around you having no clue that you are in danger. Stalkers, and blackmailers often choose to gain the psychological advantage over their victims by following them, but the panic alarm can quickly turn the situation in your favor. If the people around get to know that you are not safe, and that someone is following you, that will ruin their chances of getting the psychological advantage over you.

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