Have You Heard of the Door Jammer?

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Have You Heard of the Door Jammer?

If you are a woman or a man that lives alone or simply wants to protect yourself from intruders, the Door Jammer is for you.

The Door Jammer is perfect for homes, hotels or if you want privacy in your office. This unit will keep you secure. It fits snuggly under a door, whether it's an outside or interior door. Perfect for preventing intruders.

The Door Jammer has a rubber coated foot pad to prevent intruders and works on hardwood floors, carpet, tile, linoleum and more... This small unit is also convenient to take when you travel, to prevent intruders in a hotel room, for example! Plus it can easily be pulled off the door, when necessary. Perfect for intruders.

Important: There needs to be a small space of at least 1/8 inch below the door for the base of the Door Jammer to slide under.

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