Hit Them Hard! A Guide To Self Defense Batons!

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Hit them hard-a guide to self defense batons!

People who try to invade your personal safety are not only trying to hurt you, they are also trying to tell you that you cannot do anything about it. It is almost as if they are challenging you, and telling you that you are helpless. If you are not able to defend yourself, you are left with a low self-esteem, and a lingering thought of being bested by someone who could have taken your life they wanted to.

But if you own a baton, you can easily turn the situation around. In a recent interview, it was revealed that attackers tend to back off if they see that their victims have a self-defense device. Batons are mostly mid to short range weapons, so you will have to be a bit close to your attackers. But what most people fail to realize is that a baton not only gives you the physical advantage, but the mental advantage as well. The moment you take out your baton, your attackers would start questioning their decision to attack you, and most of them would retreat.

Choosing what kind of baton you want is quite important. Expandable batons which expand more than 20 feet should be used by people who have a shorter stature as this will maximize your reach. But if you think that you are not comfortable with a regular baton, there is always the option of stun batons. Normal batons can be snatched away by your attackers if you do not have a strong grip. But if you own a stun baton, your attackers would get an electric shock the moment they grab onto the baton. This increases your reach as well, and your assailants would want to stay clear of you.

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