Holiday Gift: Sabre Drink Test Kit for Women

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Holiday Gift: Sabre Drink Test Kit for Women

Parties, nightclubs and dancing are all what most people like to do during the Holidays. Having fun with friends and family, plus of course, the occasional drink... But beware!

There are also bad intentioned individuals that like to prey on others, especially women! At, we always remind our customers that although the Holidays are a happy occasion, there are predators that like to take advantage of women. Predators are sometimes common at nightclubs, parties and bars. Don't let your sister, daughter, girlfriend or any other women, fall pray to  predators during the Holidays. Make sure that they drink safely by testing their drink! At website we have SABRE DRINK TEST KITS!!!

All women have to do is test their drink, for example in the lady's room. A simple and easy short test will let them know if their drink is safe to consume! Make sure all your females are safe and can test their drinks, before they consume it! Be it your wife, mother, daughter or any other woman... Plus, don't forget the punch bowl, it also might be unsafe... Especially at college parties! Get SABRE DRINK TEST KITS this Holiday for all your ladies and keep them safe from predators!

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