How to remain safe in the crazy dating world!!!

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Staying safe while dating requires caution, planning and being prepared to defend you, if necessary. Be cautious and wise in who you choose to date.

The first time you agree to go on a date requires considerable planning and preparation. Be prepared to present yourself in a favorable and proper manner. The "first time" provides you with the opportunity to assess the personality and qualities of each other. Your inter-personal communication skills will serve you well, if you are respectful and thoughtful towards the needs of the other person, and be yourself.


Here are some basic guidelines for making a good first impression, staying safe while learning about the interests and goals of a person you might wish to see again.

It is natural for two people to desire spending time with another person, to discover whether you and the other person are compatible with each other.

Sincerity and laughter. When a funny joke or incident initiates a response of genuine laughter, that is a good thing. Laughter says a lot about the comfort zone and personality of the person.


  1. Look like you care about your appearance and how you will be perceived. Dress for the occasion; looking good and smelling good shows you care about yourself and others. You also show respect for yourself by carrying a self-defense product if the other person decides to try to take unhealthy advantage of you.
  2. Grooming needs to include bathing, shampooing your hair, cleaning your fingernails, polishing your shoes, brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, and choosing a conservative wardrobe, along with your cosmetic bag.
  3. Be On Time. Punctuality is imperative as it shows respect for you, date, self-discipline, and time management skills. Meet the lady of interest at her front door. A smile says a lot about a person's personality and ease of self.
  4. Give Sincere Compliments. Be natural and pick your spot by being observant of your guest. If your guest looks nice, has good taste in food, admires the wax job on your car, or whatever impresses you, tell them. Phony, insincere compliments will make you look untrustworthy and deceitful.
  5. Make Eye Contact. Your date will most certainly be watching to see if you look them in the eyes. Looking a person in the eyes shows you care about what they have to say and are interested in them. Also, it expresses honesty and that you haven't anything to hide.
  6. Manners and thoughtfulness. The man needs to act like a gentleman, and the woman needs to act like a lady. When your date holds the door open for you, graciously allow him and say thank you. "Thank you's and please's" are timeless, and need to be practiced sincerely. Also, mean that you are "welcome" will go a long way to showing politeness and how well you were "raised" by your parents.
  7. Conversational Flow. The gentle, respectful art of sharing information presents the opportunity to exchange ideas, values, interests, family, career interests, and future aspirations.
  8. Be respect of others, don't manipulate others. When it’s time to leave for your residence, thank your date for their company and say good night at their front door.
  9. If you had fun and enjoyed each other’s company, a timely return to your residence without any unnecessary "fan-fare" could lead to the anticipation of another date.

Dating Pupas

Cell Phones It is plain rude to talk on your cell phone while on a date. When you are chatting or having dinner with someone, turn your cell phone to mute. Unless it's an emergency, leave your phone alone.

Personal Space Violation of person's "space bubble" is not only irritating but could be interpreted as intimidating.  Your date does not need to see your "tonsils" when you are speaking to them.

Monopolizing the conversation is rude and unwise. Balance the conversational time and topics, with your date. You will learn much more by listening. Being labeled a "blow-hard" is not the way to make friends. A "two-course" conversation is far more productive and respectful. Make it possible for each other to speak of their accomplishments.

Taboo Subjects There are conversational topics that should be avoided, during a first date. Some topics can be inflammatory or controversial. Don't interrogate or debate your person of interest. Religion, politics, past relationships, break-ups, gossip, marriage, kids and secrets are off limits. Should there be future dates, then such topics of conversation can be addressed, truthfully?

Do not lie or misrepresent yourself Don't belittle yourself or speak unkindly of others. Be yourself around this person, or there is no sense in seeing them again. Talk about the happy times and be content within your skin.

**Put the other person's interests at the center of the conversation, by allowing them to share information about themselves, without prying. Know when to talk and when to be still and listen.

Do not be Crude If you need to use the restroom, given yourself time to excuse yourself, so you can take care of bodily functions in the proper place. Your attention needs to be on your date, not with others that you might know. However, do not act like you are ashamed of your .date. Remember, you are out with someone special. Reserve your time for them.

Dating Safety - Dating Self Defense Protection

If your date gets out-of-line with their expectations and things start to get unsafe; then end their advance with an emptying of your Lipstick Pepper Spray or your 5 Million Volt "Blackout" Stun Gun. You don't owe anyone your body.

Ladies, within your purse, please carry Pepper Spray and a "Close-Quarter" Self Defense Weapon
For women, a canister of assuming pepper spray kept on your person always is wise and prudent. Carrying a canister of Lipstick Pepper Spray in your purse won't do you any good if you are unceremoniously separated from your purse.

The Brutus public safety Bulldog Keychain accessory attaches to your keys or easily stowed away. Made of impact resistant ABS plastic, this keychain attachment is touch and gives you the power of steel wrapped in a defenseless looking dog-shaped keychain accessory.

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