Joggers/Runners Delight-Be Prepared For Anything

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Joggers/Runners Delight-Be Prepared For Anything!

Being attacked while jogging is nothing new. On the contrary, an interview of molesters revealed that they target women when jogging than at any other time.  When asked why, they said that, most of the time women jog while wearing earphones, which makes them easy targets as they cannot hear their attackers sneaking up on them.

However, owning a personal safety kit can vastly improve your chances to subdue your attacker and call for help. Even when you are jogging alone, keeping products for self-defense on your person can give you enough time to get away from your assailants.

The runner’s safety kit available on personal safety kits provides you with self-defense products that are easy to carry, and not too difficult to conceal. These safety products need to be extremely portable, as people do not take bag packs or carry bags with then when they go for a jog. The safety kits are customized for both men and women.

The runner’s safety kit has a panic alarm which you can use to notify other people around you that you are being attacked. The alarm is quite small and can be attached to your keyring. A pepper spray is also included in this kit. The pepper spray casing is also small and easy to handle. It has a range of 6 to 8 feet, allowing you to be at a distance from the attacker. The pepper spray can also be used against more than one assailant. This pepper spray has been tested to be over 40% hotter than other sprays. Check out the runner’s safety kit at to get high-quality products at reasonable prices.

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