Keeping Distance With Attackers

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Keeping Distance With Attackers

While there may be a lot of different types of personal safety equipment available the pepper spray remains the most popular among both men and women. The main reason behind its popularity is its portability. Moreover, the manufacturers are trying to disguise these sprays by making their cases look like another day to day items such as perfume bottles, pens, and lipsticks. This makes them even hard to identify, and the assailants won’t know for certain whether their target has a pepper spray or not.

The different types of pepper sprays depend on the type and amount of capsaicin, which is the ingredient that makes the eyes water and causes respiratory irritation. The amount of capsaicin affects the heat generated by the pepper spray, and the type of capsaicin determines how long the effects are going to last. The pepper sprays from Streetwise are proven to be 40% hotter than the regular pepper sprays that are available in the market. Personal safety kits offer different pepper sprays, and at affordable prices too. 

Using the pepper spray is quite easy, in fact, it is the simplest and easiest self-defense device to operate. You simply have to point the pepper spray at your assailant, and press. This will release the contents up to 8 feet, which is the general range of a pepper spray. Even if the contents of the pepper spray does not hit the target, it would be difficult for anyone to go through the cloud of pepper spray contents. Even going through somewhere, where pepper spray has been used can cause severe irritation and temporary blindness. If there are multiple assailants, you just have to use the pepper in all directions so that you are not blindsided by anyone. While using the pepper spray, you should maintain a distance of 6 feet from your attacker to get the best results.

Disguised pepper sprays give the user the element of surprise. Your attacker won’t think that a perfume bottle, or a lipstick case or a pen would be a pepper spray. Pepper sprays are not only effective on humans but on animals as well. It can be used to protect yourself if you are attacked by dogs. These sprays are also effective on squirrels, raccoons, and other small animals.

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