Keychain Weapons For Close Quarter Self Defense

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Keychain Batons are ideal for providing protection in close-quarter battles. An easy-to-carry less-than-lethal baton is effective at taking down an aggressor.

There are 3 sizes 16 inch or 40cm, 21 inch or 50 cm and 26 inch or 60 cm. See the dropdown menu to choose. Each of these models have the firm foam grip and are made of heat treated steel with a cerakote finish or aluminum. - See more at:
There are 3 sizes 16 inch or 40cm, 21 inches or 50 cm and 26 inches or 60 cm. See the dropdown menu to choose. Each of these models has the firm foam grip and are made of heat treated steel with a cerakote finish or aluminum.


The Heart Attack Keychain Defense Tool is discrete and efficient at protecting its owner. This protector keychain tool is capable of putting a “sharp point” to any would-be attacker who gets too close.

The size of this self-defense weapon is small, but carries a big message that my "point is sharp and my blade is hard." The Heart Attack Keychain Knife is not considered a weapon it is quiet and conveniently goes almost anywhere you go.


If you are ever in danger of harm, only reach for your “Pink Pit Bull” that's attached to your keyring. This Self Defense Pit has “knife-like” ears made of strong ABS plastic.

Pit Bull Self-Defense Knuckles are stylish, lightweight and distinctly shaped for driving their “points” into an attacker. They can be attached to key-ring or easily stowed elsewhere. These Kubatons are made of impact resistant molded plastic that is strong as metal. Your Pit Bull Keychain is stylish at Self Defense.

This "knuckle fitting" self-defense tool is inconspicuous looking and fits comfortably in your hand. The bright color and shape of this self-defense weapon make finding your Pit Bull Self-Defense Knuckles faster.

Just put two fingers through the eye holes and grip tight. Put it on your key chain in case of emergency. For self-defense use only. These are not legal to purchase in some locations, so be sure to check your local laws.

• Impact resistant molded plastic- as strong as metal
• Easy to carry
• Can be attached to your keys
• Measures 3.5" x 2.5"

Wild Kat Keychain

Wild Kat Keychains are not toys but instead are serious defensive weapons. The sharp "cat-like" ears make these keychain tools "puurfect" for personal defense. The Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain fits right on your key ring. Should you need to use your Wild Kat for self-defense, the best targets are the attacker's hands, ribs, collar bone, hip bone, and knee or ankle bone.

The Wild Kat is made of an extremely tough plastic material that is hard to break. This self-defense weapon needs to be durable as it is built to defend your life while inflicting pain on the attacker. For self-defense; slashing, jabbing motions with the intent of striking the attacker's hands, collar bone, ribs, elbows or hip bones.

The Wild Kat Keychain molded plastic self-defense weapon will deliver a devastating message of pain. The pointed cat ears are sharp and will slice and puncture the skin, easily. The wild kat is stiff and strong, yet stylishly serious about defending its owner. Measures 3" tall x 2" wide. Inexpensive attaches to your keychain, and "means" business.

Kubaton Keychain Self Defense

Kubatons are effective close-quarter self-defense weapons. The ugly truth is that our world is a very dangerous place. Kubotans AKA "Kubatons" are specifically designed to defend and protect life.

Kubotan Self-Defense Keychains include both tapered kubotans and ninja kubotans. *Kubatons can be used for stabilizing your fist, applying pressure to sensitive parts of the assailant's body, or gaining leverage on the attacker's wrist or fingers. Many are made of aluminum.

Kubatons are designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue, and nerve points. These personal defense weapons can cause temporary paralysis and extreme pain. They are inexpensive and easy to learn self-defense techniques.

A kubaton significantly increases the power of any strike. Target areas: ribs, groin, stomach, solar plexus, throat, the back of the hand, wrists, elbows, collarbone, hip bone, kneecap, or ankle bone. A sharp strike to a bony part of an attacker's body will encourage them to stop their attack.

A hard, well-placed blow can easily break bones which are not covered by clothing. You're your strikes at the bones, poke at soft tissue and pressure points. Keep striking; there is no wrong strike. Hold the Kubaton, swing, and poke.

*Kubatons* are legal and entirely unregulated. Kubatons are typically made of aluminum and have pointed or flat tips at one end and a key ring at the other end. Our Kubaton Self-Defense Keychains are available in various colors.

ASP Defender Series Pepper Spray

The ASP Defender Series Pepper Sprays provide two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection from replaceable aerosol inserts. The Defenders are available in three sizes and a variety of finishes.

The ASP Defender canisters are lightweight, low profile, easily carried and devastatingly effective. Bright dip industrial anodizing is accented by an injection molded Delrin safety.

Check out the ASP Palm Defender, Key Defender, or ASP Street Defender Series. The ASP Tactical Defender attaches to any ASP Tactical Baton®.

The Defender provides improved control and increased retention of the baton. The Tactical Defender may be used with, or without an attached baton.


When an attacker can get within arms-reach of their victim;  the victim had better have a dependable "close-quarter" self-defense weapon, and they better know how to use it, and be willing to use it.

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