Know your personal self-defense kits...

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Know your personal self-defense kits...

In our fast paced lives, we often forget to think about one of the most important things – personal safety. We spend our time thinking how to complete our assignments or projects on time, and spend the rest thinking about how to spend the money we earn. Most of us live alone in the city, go to work alone, and come back from work alone, which means that most of us are vulnerable to attacks almost 24 hours a day.

One question you should always ask yourself is what would you do if you were attacked while going to work, or while you are jogging, or even when you are at your apartment. How would you defend yourself in such a situation? The answer is pretty simple. Just keep a personal safety kit on your person and you are good to go. There are mainly two types of personal safety kits that you can choose from, the basic or the extreme.

The basic personal safety kit offers you a pepper spray and a personal alarm that comes with a key chain. This kit is suitable for all, as both the pepper spray and the personal alarm are very portable, and can be easily concealed. You can use the pepper spray to incapacitate one or a group of assailants easily and from a safe distance too as the pepper spray has a minimum range of 6 feet. You can then use your personal alarm to notify other people that you are in danger, and get them to help you.

You can also go for the extreme version of the personal safety kit, which includes a stun gun as well along with the pepper spray and the personal alarm. This gives you even more options, as you can then sort out what type of personal safety device you want to use. For example, you can keep the pepper spray while you are jogging, and keep the stun gun and the personal alarm while you are going to work.

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