NEW: Lipstick Personal Alarm with 100dB in Pink or Black

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NEW: Lipstick Personal Alarm with 100dB in Pink or Black

This new personal alarm for women and female college students is a must have! It includes a 100dB alarm that sounds, if you take the cap off the disguised lipstick container. Letting others know, that you need help.

The disguised unit that sells for under $20, is available in Pink or Black and anyone close to you will hear it’s 100dB alarm which is a sign of distress. It looks like a lipstick container, so if a bad intentioned individual wants to mess with you, just simply lift the cap and watch him leave the scene, because of the loud alarm it omits. The unit easily fits in your hand, a purse, book bag or in a brief case!

The Pink or Black unit with 100dB alarm, includes three LR44 button cell batteries that are already installed in this disguised and convenient lipstick unit for women and female college students.

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