Pepper Spray--Portable & Convenient

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Pepper Sprays – portable and convenient

In a recent survey of inmates, it was revealed that they would chose women as their targets almost 70% of the time if they have a choice between a male and a female target. When asked why, they said simply said that women made easier targets. The inmates also said that women now a days have to wear tight clothes while going to work, and thus cannot hide any self-defense devices on their person, and the ones who have stun guns of batons have to keep them in their bags. This does not help their victims at all, as they attack suddenly, which gives their victims almost no time to get their self-defense devices out of their bags.

However, pepper sprays have undergone a radical change in their design, and now most of them come in casings which resembles harmless day to day things that you would not use in case of an attack. These casings also make them very portable. The sprays that come disguised as pens or perfumes would give you the edge while defending yourself. For example, if you were to use your pepper spray that is disguised as a pen, your attacker would think that you have to come close and strike. This will make him overconfident, and thus give you the perfect opportunity to incapacitate him without him knowing. Your attacker would have very little time to react, as he is not expecting your pen to be a pepper spray.

These pepper sprays are also quite useful in other situations like when you are jogging or if you are a college student. You can never be too safe. These sprays are also quite useful against animal attacks as well. For example, there was a news about a lady who helped a man being attacked by a Rottweiler by using her pepper spray on the dog. This gave the man enough time to get to safety, and the owner of the dog to put the leash back on.

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