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Home security alarms will not do you any good unless you turn them on. It is sad that many people either forget or for whatever reason, don't turn on their home or business alarms, daily.

Your home security devices need to stay current and at their highest efficiency. Home security tips regularly update with advances in technology.

The same can be said about not leaving your car engine on and the keys inside your car, while you run back in the house to do something or get something. A criminal can strike in just seconds, while your vehicle or home is unsecured. The pain and guilt you would suffer should your children be in the car, when a thief or carjacker steals your vehicle and family would be almost unbearable.

When a person reaches a “mature age,” trusting people and using instinctive judgment, diminishes to some degree of awareness.

This is exactly the time when people should increase their home and property security. Unfortunately, there are some younger individuals who have taken the attitude that older people no longer need their possessions.

Sometimes the “mature aged” population becomes so frantic for visitors or companionship, that they “let down their guard” and let strangers enter their “inner kingdom.”

Many “mature aged” people find it hard to say no, to strangers or even pushy family members.  If a stranger asks to use your phone, tell them you will make the call for them, if they will give you the phone number. Don't let strangers enter your home.

Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages. For “seniors,” isolation and, or declining health leaves them vulnerable to unsavory, dangerous predators. When one's cognitive and physical limitations increase due to lack of mobility and thinking ability, a person's life is endangered.

The world of technology can confuse some older citizens. Advances in home security systems don't "compute" to some mature aged citizens. Learning new advanced technologies is cumbersome and not valued by some people. Unfortunately, this fact is all too well known to criminals seeking to victimize technically challenged members of society.


Regardless of where you reside, dwelling (house) rules must be established and maintained. Prevention is far superior to treatment after the fact. Therefore, we all need to be updated about useful and significant “Home Security Methods” of protection.

In the past, many people didn't lock their doors or windows. The days of “civility” have passed on. It is now, necessary to lock your doors and windows, always.


1.  Peepholes have never been so useful. Pretty glass entry doors; put a smile on the face of a burglar.
2.  Decorative glass is best used on the interior of your home. Criminals love to “window shop,” homes with much exterior glass. If you must have exterior glass, please invest in “privacy film on your glass and replace your standard glass with unbreakable safety glass.”
3.  The quality of the material you use to build and install your exterior entryways, such as your doors, is very important for your security and home value. Solid wood and no hollow doors, please. Even more important is the frame of the door, so please consider reinforcing the frames of your doors or invest in prefinished steel door frames. If you plan to do the work yourself, research how to properly framing all your doors.
4.  Steel metal doors are great for high traffic buildings. And yes, metal steel doors are used for some residential buildings.
5.  Don't forget your windows as they require your attention, too. You just can't praise Plexiglas or security film enough, for conserving heat, coolness and of course safety. With the addition of Plexiglas or security film, it is more difficult for the window to be broken.
6.  Thank goodness for gates and paddle locks. When you are alone at home, please lock your gates. If someone really wants to visit you, ask them to call ahead so you can unlock the gate on their arrival. If you should have a buzzer on your gate entrance, never buzz someone in you don't know and that hasn't made prior arrangement to drop by your home.
7.  Please don't ever rely on exterior hiding spots to hide your house keys. Get to know your neighbors, so you can all look out for one another. A trusted family member or trustworthy neighbor is well worth the time and effort to cultivate a friendship. When you must be gone, ask your neighbor if they would check in on your home, in your absence.
8.  A high-quality home security alarm system need not cost you your paycheck every month. There is quality Wireless Home Security Systems available to you.

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