Shocking statistics related to home safety!

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Shocking statistics related to home safety!

Have you ever thought of the odds of your home being burglarized? According to the official FBI crime report for the year 2012, it was revealed that one in thirty-six homes get burglarized in the United States. And the fact that $2,230 is lost on average per break in is even more shocking. This results in $4.7 billion in total property loss in a year and this is just the numeric value. The psychological costs are ever higher, as the home owners live in constant fear of being victimized again, and also have feelings of violation.

According to different surveys, it was found that 65% of the burglaries happen between 10 am and 3 pm, while you are at work, and a burglary occurs once every 15 seconds. It was also revealed that 34% of the time, the burglars break in through the front door, and target the master bedroom.

If you are thinking what you can do to prevent break ins, try to keep a door alarm or a door jammer fixed to the door. When someone tries to break in, the door alarm will notify others, while the door jammer can jam the door, which makes breaking in even more difficult.

A lot of people live alone in the city, and while going to work, they have to carry their apartment keys with them. According to another independent study, it was stated that most burglars follow their victims before they actually break in. They try to pick their pockets to get the keys to their apartments so that they can cover their tracks. But if you own a rock key hider, you can safely hide your keys before going to work, and no one would even know.

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