Staying safe in campus

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Staying safe in campus

Sexual assaults in college campuses are on the rise these days. In a recent study, it was shown that one in five students will be sexually assaulted in a college campus, and in most cases the attackers is someone the victims knows. This shocking statistics has made the authorities urge college students to carry personal safety kits, so that they are able to defend themselves in case of an attack.

A pepper spray on a keychain is always recommended. They have a decent range of up to 12 feet, and are able to subdue anyone or even a group. The pepper sprays make the eyes water, and causes temporary blindness which will give you enough time get help.

Batons can also be used, but it is only recommended to people who have prior training in self-defense. For college purposes batons with a range of 12 inches is recommended. Other than these devices, mini stun guns are also quite good. As these stun guns are smaller than regular stun guns, they can be drawn quicker, and the surprise element also works in your favor.

You can also keep panic alarms, so that people around you can know that you are in a sticky situation. Almost all panic alarms are quite portable, and small which means they will go unnoticed by your attacker. The panic alarms also come with key chains which makes them easier to carry.

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