Strongest 7.5 Million Volt Stun Gun Ever and Affordable!

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Strongest 7.5 Million Volt Stun Gun Ever and Affordable!

There is a reason why this StreetWise, powerful self defense weapon is our best seller. It's jumping off our shelves because customers can't get over how powerful and affordable it is!

This strongest self defense item is our most popular product in our store. Why? Well, its the strongest in the market today for citizens; 7.5 million volts! The stun gun is rechargeable, no need to buy batteries. You literally hook it into a wall socket. It has a large LED flashlight, that helps temporarily blind someone, if aimed at their face. Also equipped with a disable pin strap for placing it around your wrist; this renders the weapon unusable, if someone tries to take it from you! The Strongest Pink or Black Stun Gun has a rubberized exterior, to prevent it from slipping off your hand. A safety switch and holster is included of course and a Lifetime Warranty as well. Plus, saved the best for last... It's affordable!

The affordable, 7.5 million volt, self defense stun gun's dimensions are 4 in x 2 1/8 in x 7/8 in. There really is no reason why someone would not like this beautiful and powerful stun gun!

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Products Include:
* Stun Guns
* Pepper Sprays
* Stun Batons
* Flashlight Baton / Bats
* Panic Alarms
* Survival Gear
* Spy Gear
* Hidden Diversion Safes
* Personal Safety Kits

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