Stun devices – the best at intimidating and incapacitating

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Stun devices – the best at intimidating and incapacitating

In case of sudden attacks, the best approach is to intimidate your attackers first. This will give you enough time to think about what to do next and weigh your options as well. If you are against multiple attackers, always try to single out someone you can take down, and in convincing fashion. The moment you incapacitate your target, this will give you the psychological advantage against your attackers, as they most likely thought you would go down without a fight. In most of the cases, the attackers rely on the fact that people tend to be afraid when they see a weapon, and they use that to their advantage. However, if they come across people who would fight rather than give in to their demands, most of the time they retreat, as that would not be worth their time.

Using stun devices is one way of intimidating and incapacitating your attackers. You can either go for a stun gun, or a stun baton. But choosing your self-defense devices is no child’s play. You need to think of the pros and cons you are going to face while using those devices. If you have no training in self-defense, then you should go with the stun baton. This device has a better reach than the stun gun, so you would not have to get too close to your attacker. The stun batons also have conductors on their sides, so your attackers won’t be able to grab them. Another advantage is that you can use it as a normal weapon by swinging it and staying clear from your assailants.

The stun gun should be chosen if and only if you have training in self-defense. Unlike the stun baton, the stun gun lacks reach, which means you have to be close to your attacker. This gives your attackers a chance to hit you back. But that won’t be a problem if you know how to defend yourself. You can even see it on the news how stun devices help women to stay safe from attackers. There have been many instances where molesters, and muggers got more than they bargained for because the women they targeted had stun guns or batons to protect them.

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