Stun Gun Styles and Designs

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Stun Gun Styles and Designs

Stun guns were once made with just one general design. The devices were made in a rectangular or square shape that was black or gray in appearance. These devices worked well, but many of today’s stun gun buyers want more in the designs of their stun guns. That’s where all of the newest shapes and designs come in.

Many people want to carry a stun gun but are worried that being seen with an obvious stun gun may cause them some problems with neighbors, co-workers or passersby. This possibility has led to the design of stun guns that look like something else. Some of these designs include stun guns that resemble cell phones. This allows someone to carry what looks like a cell phone, keeping the people around them from realizing that they have a weapon with them.

Other disguised stun guns are made to look like flashlights. They may have a light on them as well as having stun contacts in the front of the light area. This allows the users to carry a flashlight in the dark and then to use that flashlight to protect themselves with it as a stun gun if necessary.

Some people prefer a stun gun that is more obviously a stun gun. This allows them to show a potential attacker that they have a stun gun. If the design is unmistakable as a weapon, this may help to deter an attack before it happens. The idea behind this is to show the stun gun to the attacker by holding it in front of them and perhaps discharging it for a second to stop them before they get too close. These stun guns are usually large and black or gray in color.

For some women, they want their stun guns to show off their personal style just like any of their other belongings. There are pink stun guns on the market as well as other feminine colors and designs that can do just that. This may make some women more comfortable with carrying a stun gun and perhaps to become less intimidated with holding and using it.

Some stun guns are made in shapes that are easier to hold or in shapes that are easier to keep in a pocket or a purse. A longer, thinner stun gun can be slipped into a pocket and then retrieved easily if there is any trouble. Some larger stun guns have large cases that make it easier to pack them into bags or to carry them while keeping them covered. This can be an important option when the stun gun is being carried into a public place.

Stun guns come in so many shapes and sizes that there is one for every self-defense need. The main consideration is often the circumstances in which it will be carried. Some people need a stun gun to warn away others simply with its appearance. Others need one that can be well disguised so that they can carry it freely where ever they need to go.

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