Stun Gun vs Pepper Spray – which one suits you better?

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Stun Gun vs Pepper Spray – which one suits you better?

Women often keep a stun gun or a pepper spray in their personal safety kits for self-defense. Most of the time they do so without thinking which would be better for them, and which product would increase their chance of getting away unhurt in the case of an unexpected attack.

Women who are short in stature should always choose pepper spray for self-defense. The pepper spray is mid range self-defense product which does not require the user to be near the attacker. The bear sprays have a range of up to 35 feet while pepper sprays which are mostly concealed as other products have a range of 6 to 8 feet. This makes it easier for women to use. Pepper sprays are also legal in most of the states with a few restrictions in the rest. Pepper sprays are capable of stopping a group of attackers in their tracks, as they can be used on multiple targets in quick succession. They are effective 95% of the time, but they can be rendered harmless in windy conditions.

Stun guns are available in different disguises such as perfume bottles, and mobile phones. While the stun gun lacks the range of the pepper sprays, they are much more potent. Most of the stun guns are capable of knocking someone out. While it is hugely beneficial against a single attacker, it may not be as effective against a group of attackers. Most women cannot overpower their male attackers and hence may fail to use the stun gun. However, women who have training in self-defense are able to use the stun gun for self-defense quite well. The stun gun is effective in almost 90% of the cases, but unlike the pepper spray, the effectiveness of this self-defense product is not affected by weather conditions. Stun guns are also inexpensive, and you can get a variety of options as well!  

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