Stunning surprise

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Stunning surprise

Crime rates are increasing alarmingly these days, and no can say for certain that they will be safe. It does not matter who you are, or where you live or work. Anything can happen at any point, and there are too many variables than you would have wanted. But the one thing that can stay constant is your personal security if you own a stun baton that is.

People have often complained that, while the stun gun is great at knocking out your assailants, they lack the range. While, the baton has good reach, but is useless in the hands of someone who does not have basic self-defense knowledge. This is the reason, why the stun baton was made. This personal safety tool not only has the punch of a stun gun, but also has the range of a baton, making it extremely useful, and easier to use.

Stun batons are available in different expandable lengths. Although they are not as expandable as regular batons, they make up for it by their ability to knock someone out. These batons are mainly available in two variants, the expandable one, which expands from 16.5 inches to 19 inches, and the non-expandable variant, which is 12 inches in length. Both of these variants have a rubber grip so that the batons do not slip out of hand during an emergency. They also come with a holster and a rubber belt loop, that makes them a little more portable. Both of these variants have multi levels of safety to prevent accidental discharge, including safety switches that need to be turned off before using. Both the variants have a power cord that can be plugged into a standard outlet.

Some variants of the stun baton also have a flashlight in the rear end of the handle, which makes it even handier, because you don’t have to pack flashlights anymore. The non-expandable variant of the baton has electrodes on the top of the baton and running down the sides of the baton. This is a standard double stun technology, with an extra pair of electrodes on the side. But the expandable variant of the baton uses a triple stun technology, which has electrodes on the top, middle and two sides of the baton, creating a much larger area of contact.

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