Survival of the Fittest (or best prepared)

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Survival of the Fittest (or best prepared)

Spending a day or two in the woods is the perfect way to get away from the fast-paced life of the cities. However, nature is as unforgiving as it is beautiful, so going to the woods without proper planning can be disastrous. So, whenever you want to go to the woods, always prepare a survival gear that is customized for your needs.

One of the most important things that you should always keep in your survival gear is a bear spray. Many people have the misconception that the bear spray can be used only on bears. That is far from true, as bear sprays can be used on any animal. The bear spray like the pepper spray causes irritation in the eyes and respiratory system of the animal on which it is used. A recent study showed that people using guns and rifles to protect themselves against animals have been attacked 50% of the time, while people using bear sprays have gotten out of trouble with little or no harm at all. This is because the bear spray has a range of 12 to 30 feet, so the animal will not be able to get too close, and the irritation in their eyes and respiratory system will make them leave even sooner.

But protecting yourself from animals should not be the only thing on your mind while sorting out your survival gear. You would also need tools and a multifunction folding spade can massively reduce the number of survival tools you are going to need. The shovel has a compass on its handle as well so that you don’t take any wrong turns. One side of the shovel is serrated and acts like a saw. The handle is foldable and can be used as a spade as well. The multi-function shovel can be folded in three parts, which makes it extremely easy to carry around, and it comes with its own carrying pouch.

Another great addition to your survival gear would be the T6 LED Headlight from Streetwise. This headlight comes with two XPE LEDs and a big T6 LED. The headlight is very easy to use, and can also be worn over any kind of hat or head gear. This headlight offers four different light modes that you can choose from, with the ultra-bright setting having a range of about 100 yards.

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