The do's and don’ts of defending yourself

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The do's and don’ts of defending yourself

In case of an attack the first and most important thing to do is to remain calm. Almost 99% of the time the victims panic, and this makes the job easier for the attackers. If you are not clam, you would not be able to think properly. So if you have a clear head when attacked, you would be able to get out with your life intact.

When attacked always try to keep a decent distance from your attacker. While doing this, do not lose sight of your surroundings. Your attacker will be focused on cornering you and this is what you should not let him do at any cost. If you are cornered, your chances of escaping are severely reduced. The only way left then would be to power through your attacker, which most women cannot do.

If you are familiar with your surroundings, when you are attacked, always use your surroundings to your advantage. Always try to avoid alleys, as this is where you are most likely to get attacked, and it is quite easy to get cornered as well.

If you have any training in self-defense do not depend on what you know solely. This is because, if you do not have extensive training, you are most likely to mess up when you are under stress. If you try to use your self-defense moves, keep it simple. Always try to target the weak spots of the human body. If your attacker is male, try to kick him in the groin, as this will give you enough time to get away.

But if your kick gets blocked, there are other spots that are quite vulnerable too. The first one being the eyes. If you manage to poke the eyes, you will have a very big advantage against your attacker, as you have managed to blind him for a bit. After poking the eyes, always go for the kidneys, or the groin.

Naturally, in addition to being prepared, you can always plan ahead and have self defense items on hand such as pepper spray, stun gun, stun baton, panic alarm and other similar self defense type items!  These are all available at Personal Safety Kits!

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