The Easy Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump

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The Easy Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter

If you are a woman, you know how hard it is to jump a car! That’s why we have on our website the Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter.

Us women freak sometimes if for some reason, our vehicle doesn’t want to start or stops in the middle of nowhere! At Personal Safety Kits we have the solution for us ladies! There is no need dread for a huge and heavy cable, because there is a substitute: The easy Emergency Power Supply and Car Jump Starter!

No more heavy cables or dirty hands if your car stalls or dies in the middle of nowhere! This remarkable and simple to use, short cable, is us women’s dream come true! No more tangled and dirty cables with grease anymore! It fits entirely in your glove compartment, too.

You can also use it for powering your cell phone… Because it’s compatible with many cell phone models! Plus: it has a flashlight that can last for 30 hours, and an SOS signal strobe light too! Read more about this simple to use Car Jump Starter, which has revolutionized how us women and men, deal with car jumping our vehicles!

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