Things you should do to stay safe!!

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Things you should do to stay safe

Most of the time women are attacked, it is when they are returning from work. After a long day at work anyone would be tired and jaded, which makes them easier targets.

So when returning from work, you have to make sure that you are not an easy target. Always try to use streets that are busier, and avoid alleys, and roads that are not well lit. If you are in a bad neighborhood or are late, always call a cab.

You might do everything right but still, may get attacked. This is why you should always think of increasing your chances of escaping. Try not to wear heels as you won’t be able to run at all. If you have to wear heels at work, carry a pair of normal shoes with you. Also, try to carry a self-defense device that would help to incapacitate your assailant.

Pepper sprays work quite well against single or multiple attackers, so you might want to buy one. They also have a good range of 8 feet, which will allow you to be at a decent distance from your assailant. Pepper sprays will give you enough time to call for help, and they are quite easy to use. The best part about using the pepper spray is that they do not require any training.

Stun guns and batons are also quite good alternatives. Both of these self-defense devices can intimidate your attackers to rethink their strategy, and often make them retreat.

However, you may feel threatened in a busy area as well. People are busy with their day to day lives, and hardly have time to look at people next to them. But if you manage to alert them, they will surely help you. This is where the panic alarms come into play. If you think that someone is following you, just trigger your panic alarm to let the people around you know that you are targeted. This will also make your stalker panic and leave.

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