Uber / Lyft / Cab Driver--Be Prepared For Anything (Pepper Spray / Pepper Gel)

Posted by Jason Lyle on

"As a woman, how safe would you feel as an Uber driver?" That's the opening question from a recent KTHV article.

Just 14% of Uber drivers are female. When asked, women report they'd feel unsafe driving due to their gender.

However, Uber driver Elizabeth Thomas has some tips for women to enhance their safety.

  • Look at the star rating and don't pick up passengers with low scores
  • Install a surveillance camera
  • Carry pepper spray
  • Stay in your comfort zone (don't go anywhere that makes you feel uncomfortable, and try to drive during daylight hours)
  • Refuse or end rides if customers get "out of hand"

If you are an Uber, Lyft or cab driver considering a pepper-based self-defense product for your car, your best option is pepper gel. Boasting the same police-strength protection you've come to expect from Personal Safety Kits. Pepper gel also offers additional benefits, making it ideal for close encounters and small spaces

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