Valentine's Day Gift: Perfume Stun Guns 3.5 Million Volts Only $19.99

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Valentine's Day Gift: Perfume Stun Guns 3.5 Million Volts

Personal Safety Kits has disguised perfume stun guns, available in multiple colors, for women's self defense. An element of surprise to a would be attacker!
These self defense, beautiful Perfume Stun Guns with 3.5 Million Volts, look like perfume but are really disguised weapons to use against attackers. These units are really powerful stun guns. Stun guns are weapons that are very easy to use. The disguised Perfume Stun Guns 3.5 Million Volts in particular, requires women to simply take the cap off, press a button and touch an attacker. That's it... Continue to simply touch, until the attacker falls and becomes incoherent. No need to push... The only thing the attacker will be able to move, when you are done, is his or her eyes!

Perfume Stun Guns 3.5 Million Volts 
Only $19.95


Get yours today at
Products Include:
* Stun Guns
* Pepper Sprays
* Stun Batons
* Flashlight Baton / Bats
* Panic Alarms
* Survival Gear
* Spy Gear

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