What to keep in your survival gear?

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What to keep in your survival gear?

A lot of people love to go to the woods to clear their heads, and get a much needed rest from their daily high paced lives. But what most people fail to do is to think of the problems that they may face while in the woods. When you are away from the cities, you are also away from day to day resources, and most importantly, you are away from people who can help you.

When you have to get everything done yourself, you need to plan for every possible thing that can go against you, as well as normal day to day things such as food, and clothing. During night time, you would need to light a fire, but you should not carry regular matches when going to the woods. You should always try to get waterproof matches before going to the woods. Also try to carry a portable stove so that you can cook, or boil water.

You should also carry flashlights so that you can navigate in the dark.  If you have to look for something in your kit, a flashlight is always preferable than taking your entire kit beside the fire to look. You should also keep a blanket, as it gets quite cold in the woods at night.

Other than this try to carry a power bank cum jump starter. This will be useful when your mobile phone is low on battery. Other than changing your phone’s battery, the electrodes of the power bank can also be used to light a fire if you are out of matches. Just use some steel wool and dry grass, and you would have a fire in no time.

Also try to carry masks, small shovels, and insect repellents. If you have these in your survival gear you would be able to get out of any bad situation you may face in the woods.

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