Why you should buy a baton?

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Why you should buy a baton?

When someone says personal safety kits, you always think of either a pepper spray or a stun gun. Only a handful of people think of batons as something they would use for personal safety, and it’s because people think you have to be trained in self-defense for you to use a baton properly. That’s not always the case. Yes! You will have an advantage if you are trained in self-defense, but even if you are not trained you can still put up a very good fight if you own a baton.

Expandable batons often have an expandable range of 12 inches to 31 inches which gives you a range of roughly 1 foot to almost 3 feet. This will give you a considerable advantage over your attacker. You won’t have to be too close, but at the same time, you can deliver devastating blows that can easily incapacitate your assailant. The batons also give you a type of psychological advantage as most of the time, muggers and robbers tend to go for an easy target, and if they see you wielding a baton, they will actually think of retreating as it would be too much of a hassle for them to overpower someone with a baton, and then take the valuables. They also have the risk of getting hurt during the process, which will make most of your attackers backing off.

Batons are also quite portable, which means you can carry them in your bags, or keep them suspended from their holsters under your suit, and no one will know. The fact that they can be easily concealed gives you the surprise element as well. You can also keep them in your office desk, or beside your bed, or even in your car. The possibilities are limitless.

There are different types of batons that you can choose from like stun batons, tonfa batons, or regular expandable batons. It does not matter what type of baton you own; the end result will be pretty similar.

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